Chest/Back/Arms/Shoulders DUMBBELL ONLY WORKOUT (at home or gym) | Dumbbell Workout Plan P3D4

Buff Dudes Dumbbell Gym or Home Workout Plan

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Over the course of the next 12 weeks I’ll be going through an intense program featuring dumbbells only. Be sure to follow along!!


Note: Now that your body has had a sufficient amount of time to adapt to full body workouts, time to switch things up once again. We’ll be splitting the body into two categories throughout the week: Lower and Upper. This will bring more focus into the selected muscle groups by maximising the volume per workout and therefore continuing to increase the overload on the body, forcing more adaptation to occur and furthering your progress.

{before each workout}
Jump Rope Warm Up: 5 minutes
Mobility Drills: 10 – 15 minutes
Rest Times Between Sets: 60 – 90 seconds


Low to High Incline Row 4 Sets x 10 Reps
Floor Press 4 Sets x 10 Reps
Single Arm Snatch 4 Sets x 10 Reps
Around the Worlds (Chest) 4 Sets x 10 Reps

Side Planks 3 Sets x 60 seconds (each side)

That completes day 4 of phase 3. See you next time for PHASE 4!


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32 Responses

  1. Guys are building strength and muscle in the gym, women only doin ass exercises lol

  2. Thank you for this amazing workout. From Panamá… Stay buffed

  3. Tom Gardner says:

    Buff Dude, please tell me where you got that sweet top from?

  4. Elias Elias says:

    Best channel.
    Any tips in the first exercise? The bench presses my chest and i lose breaths and getting tired. Never found a solution to this

  5. No chin ups? No dips?

  6. Jensen Parr says:

    I like the chest exercise but want full range of motion

  7. SlapNDash says:

    The people at that gym are so incredibly fit (oh hey grey yoga pants at 2:21)

  8. Fit and 50 says:

    Side planks are a killer! I’m going to have to try that elbow in elbow out combo, looks like a good one.

  9. Marko M. says:

    I love love your videos , great information and everything is easily explained , thank you! ✌❤

  10. Peter Duncan says:

    Nice work out 💪🏻

  11. pol says:

    Nice and simple,great explanation as always keep up buffs.

  12. patron says:

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  13. Shout out to camera man @ 3:02

  14. S J says:

    The best is when you say something with the word joint in it. So satisfying to my ear

  15. Boa Boy says:

    Cheers Hudson and Brandon you made a really great channel 👍
    Stay Buff 🤘💪😎

  16. Kalsonic says:

    Thanks Brandon. Glad to see more variety with the simple dumbbell.

  17. Do a vid on how you style your beard

  18. Johnny Utah says:

    3:35 tell that d-bag to put a shirt on! Nobody wants to touch that dude's nasty funk. And ffs, get a bra, titties!!!

  19. andrés mora says:

    You guys are the best. Greetings from Colombia, South America.

  20. pile333 says:

    Who's the camera operator?

  21. Logan Laub says:

    Best body building channel on YT!

  22. C J says:

    2:30 Watch out for Arnold behind you there. LOL

  23. What did you say Brandon? 2:22 👀

  24. Out of words , thanks really you deserve the best . Been years and always enjoyed your way , workouts and being genuine . May god bless you and your family .

  25. Great video i like the rows

  26. Arvid W says:

    It’s been such a ride tagging along on this program so far, seeing good results already! Thanks dudes!

  27. BUFF DUDES is everywhere, you've got fans from Latin America, Spain, and other countries. You Rock! Thanks for this great content

  28. The best damn channel on you tube…Hell yeah.💪💪

  29. Ty Gibson says:

    You guys content is freaking awesome have improved my physique and posture a ton!! Plus bought almost all your books!!! Thank you!!!

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