Half An Hour Weight Loss – 30 Min Home Workout To Burn Fat

If you only have half an hour available everyday and you want a good and effective workout to help you lose weight at home – then this routine is for you!

This workout contains simple bodyweight exercises that doesn’t require much space or additional equipment.

Just press play, and start the workout! The trainer will count the reps for you and show you how to do the exercise, and what exercise follows next!

Good luck and leave me a comment below, tell me if it’s easy or hard for you!

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38 Responses

  1. I’m going to start this workout today. I’ll be updating.
    Please like this comment for more motivation🧡 i need it 🏃🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️💦

  2. How many days to see a result?

  3. Riya K says:

    will i still lose weight if i do the exercise but not be on a diet.

  4. Abzz Ahm says:

    How much calories do you lose from this?

  5. bimran74 says:

    Day 4 55 days left

  6. bimran74 says:

    Day 3 sorry to give update 56 day left

  7. 5 minutes in and I feel like I'm done. I need to stay strong and keep going though. I've wanted to lose weight for years now and this summer is gonna be the time 💪💪💪

  8. 26/5/19 : this is my first try and i manage to complete this workout till the end of video BUT fail to do full counts for tricep dips and up2 down2 bcs my hand hurts a lot. Thanks for the rest time 💪 looking forward to continue this workout for 10 days. Slowly but surely. Wish me luck 😎

    Day 1 : Complete 👍
    Day 2 : Complete 👍
    Day 3 : Complete 👍
    Day 4 : Complete 👍

    I've got some tips to share here 😉
    👉play your fav songs so you will enjoy this workout (mine is alan walker playlist)
    👉if you cant do any particular step eg. knee push up, just replace with squats or other easy step.Dont waste your time by rest 😌

  9. bimran74 says:

    Day 2 57 days left

  10. I love love this workout! Highly recommend 💪🏼

  11. bimran74 says:

    I'm going to try this workout for 58 days and I'm going to results wish me luck
    Day 1 complete

  12. I started last night and I’ll be updating my weight every 2 weeks
    Height: 62 1/2 inches
    Weight day one:172 pounds

  13. Im going to start tomorrow…like this so i can have motivation to do this..

  14. manisha gaur says:

    Day1 workout completed….. Feeling so tired…. Burpees are so difficult.😣😖😫😭

  15. I’m going to be doing this workout for about a month.I’ll be updating every day

  16. manisha gaur says:

    Today is my 1st day.. Plz like to motivate me. I m 70 kg.. And want to reduce 10 kg.

  17. Reena Aneesh says:

    how many month do exercises

  18. Yeah but I feel doing this is not enough because I have to eat healthy and it’s all so complicated and you have to do this and that at that time and add a bit of that and add more of this depending on that and ughhhhh!

  19. me and my lil sis laughed because we were actually working out >0<

  20. MOLLY SAGINA says:

    I started tonight, I will keep you guys posten in one week time

  21. I've started this workout today honestly i will update about my weight after 7 days.
    Current weight = 105 kgs.

    Day 1= completed.
    Day 2= done.
    Day 3= completed.
    Day 4= completed.
    Day 5= completed.
    Day 6= skipped.
    Day 7 = completed.

    Now weight =101 kg. Lost 1 inch

    PS. -Thanks to this video 😭😭😭 i didn't know i would loose weight but i did. Thank ♥️

  22. this would have been great if i didnt get light headed go up and down from standing to laying

  23. What’s this app called?

  24. Shakrin Arif says:

    it's really easy and effective

  25. Shakrin Arif says:

    I have been doing it 4 five months ….thank u

  26. One day completed…I need motivation 😪

  27. Trying to do this as my 30days challenge. Day 2 i can't feel my legs but i won't give up!! Thank you very much. It's amazing

  28. Payal Patel says:

    Ok so I don't want to demotivate anyone here but I am doing this workout since a week and no result at all. I didn't loose even a pound ☹. But that doesn't mean this workout is not good enough. This is perfectly the best and I really sweat out a lot by doing this but don't know it's not working for me.. I didn't give up yet 😊

  29. Md Ar says:

    Hello Roberta's gym I want to loose 10kg help which excise help me to do regularly &how much tym to reduce 10kg tell me & plzz reply … My weight is 75 I'll be try to reduce 10 kg but no any effects tell me what I doo plzzz ok

  30. Burn-T Karma says:

    I am so fat…i am 11 years and i am already 50 kilograms… i need to be thin if i want a ps4😰

  31. IsabelPlayz says:

    Is this good for my Belly, Butt and Thighs?

  32. Hi Lol says:

    I don’t want to exercise, but still loose weight. PLZZ HELP!!!

  33. Tan Sol says:

    could i ask how many calories do i burn on this exercise

  34. First day! I will keep you all posted. I’m not really a believer of such workouts but I’ll see. I will be back next Thursday May 23rd to update on any differences.

  35. Hey Robertas gym I’m just wondering if you could use a different character that would be really cool!. On each video,

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