Free Summer Booty Building Workout Plan Vol.1 – Get Ready For Bikini Body

☞ NEW Booty Building Program VOL.1
☞ Tracking Your Workout Progress
☞ High Protein Foods:

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☞ Butt & Hips Workout Series
☞ Abs, Obliques & Core Workout Series
☞ Bikini Body Workout Series
☞ Stay Fit In School Workout Series
☞ Beginners Strength Training Playlist
☞ Fashion & Clothing Hauls, Outfit Ideas, Sportswear
☞ Printable PDF : healthy recipes, meal plans + workout plans



♤ My proper diet and nutrition + what I eat to gain and maintain muscle growth



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49 Responses

  1. menna Magdy says:

    Use weight or not?

  2. Ezo Fitness says:

    Amazing video!! Has given me some new ideas for some videos on my channel!💪

  3. my favourite gal😙😍love ur workouts Hana

  4. Please make videos on gain heavy thighs

  5. biran damla says:

    I always download your video, and i do your workout at home, it was so amazing for my body, thank you so much ❤

  6. Are the workouts on here the same as the ones on the workout plan ??

  7. Alaijah Sj says:

    Definitely seeing results I’m also drinking protein powder. I’m using weights and resistance bands because I’m not a beginner

  8. 李麗晶 says:

    It’s a great workout , thanks for your help
    But I think it’ll be much better for me if it include a timer for each individual exercise

  9. Kyla Butler says:

    You are right, I see people in the gym EVERYDAY, and their body NEVER changes, it's your mind set. I am so glad you are showing us real workout you can do at home, that get great results!

  10. Kyla Butler says:

    Great video!!!! This is exactly what I needed!

  11. Good information 👍

  12. B3TH says:

    Hello hana 🙂
    Just a small question, is there a specific diet along with this workout ? like, would i gain a butt if i just stick to a normal diet, or should i be increasing my protein? Starting this program tomorrow <3
    Also, is it better to do the workout in the order you've done it or can we choose our own order? (the numbered order in each day, not the days order)

  13. Jodie Weeka says:

    👍👍Love this workout. I Added this one to my other workouts, from you. Thanks

  14. I'm gonna start this tomorrow

  15. This is amazing thank you !

  16. I really love your workouts….. they do work out for me 🔥❤

  17. Dochon Nunn says:

    Hi Hanna! I have only watched this video but i think consistency will be very beneficial!
    Thanks for sharing!
    #Jesus Is Lord!
    #serve Jehovah Jesus!

  18. Thank you. As a 6’0 guy I’ve never looked better in a bikini.

  19. A A says:

    Honey this plan for bigger butt make our thighs bigger too ??? Cause i want to loose thighs fat and reduce their volume

  20. Fay Antuan says:


  21. Love your workouts babe, this is actually so motivating haha!! I just started making fitness videos as well ❤️

  22. Honestly, I'm here because I saw the ass

  23. lvmykds89 says:

    So I don't understand how to read the 5 week workout plan . Someone help!😬

  24. Well done Hana! Thumbs up for your great workouts..Thanks to your great videos and good explanation, I am getting the results that I wanted for a long time. Keep it up :*

  25. Hello ma'am could these exercise reduce the belly fat as well as increase the hips?

  26. My First workout was 2013 , and i love the burn and i can make to the end . But this workout makes me so weak and sick haha , but i will never stop . I will be every day here to the Day when i finish this workout without pain. Love you Hana ♥️

  27. Moon Manith says:

    I really love your body 😍

  28. Jeana Grace says:

    I bought a booty workout program before, + extra personal consultant $31/hour, training after 12 it cost so much, and it's hard to reach them when I need. I'm so happy you made this free for us. What have we done to deserve you!! god blessed Hana

  29. Wow thank you so much love you

  30. Gaiana A says:

    Thank you so much for your work and releasing free programs! <3 <3 <3

  31. hi Hana please tell me how can i get bigger butt and slim waist which is more specific and easy to get the goal
    thanx stay successful

  32. Thank u for ur outstanding efforts on each videos! 😀 i loss 3kgs in 5wks from 77kgs doing ur 10min butt workouts + hiit & gained a bit of upper glute muscle & slightly getting toned quads & hamstrings.My cellulite is a bit diminishing now & I noticed my upper glutes are a bit perking up now when i twist from side to side. U are really worth a million bucks on ur training tecniques & loved ur motivation slides. Thank God for people like u. God bless always! ♥

  33. Thank you so much!!

  34. i've been waiting for this ❤ so much love to you Hana. i'm doing all your booty workout vids and they really worked for me.

  35. Jack Jill says:

    U do this butt workout everyday or 2-3 days a week?

  36. April C says:

    Hi Hana,
    I downloaded the app to download the program. I am having issues looking at some of the workouts. Some are fine to open, which are highlighted blue and the other files that are not highlighted blue I cannot open. Not sure if it's the way the app is? Or is there another link that you can send me as I cannot open the workouts.

    Thanks April

  37. Vian Aguilar says:

    Hey babe! You r my inspiration in my fitness journey! I love you and all your workouts! 💕

  38. Sasha Ali says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful video. I go through the weekly plan but I didn't get it the workout column like 1..2..3..4..5 and it's up to 6 what that mean?

  39. Omg I been waiting on this workout for a long time thank you hana

  40. Tara - says:

    Yayyy thank you

  41. Honestly you are the reason as to why my hips have gotten wider and my butt looks amazing!! I’ve watched other videos before but none of them compare to yours. I can’t wait to try this program!

  42. tereza j says:

    Will I have thicker legs? If i train this?

  43. So i have to do this booty workout for 50 minutes per day ?

  44. Mam how to reduce love handles fast

  45. yamuna love says:

    Thank you Hana!!💜 I'm so looking forward to the gains💪

  46. Ivy Maison says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work, I love you Hana, you are beautiful in and out

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