Bye-Bye Belly Fat Home Workout! Ultimate Abs & Core 20 Minute Routine for Beginners

No crunches or sit-ups in this workout to melt away belly fat and build strength in your abs, core and entire body!!
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Bye-Bye Belly Fat Home #Workout! Ultimate #Abs & Core 20 Minute Routine for #Beginners

No crunches or sit-ups in this workout to melt away #bellyfat and build strength in your abs, core and entire body!! Sanela designed this routine for all levels and it is all done standing so it can also have a #Cardio benefit.

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

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Song: Divine Corner
Album: Ibiza Chill

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49 Responses

  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Please CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! Our subscribers aren't being shown our videos unless they click the notification bell next to the subscribe button.

  2. MP3M8 :D says:

    Recently I've been over eating 😭 it's summer REEEEEEEEE ;^;

  3. Brianna Blum says:

    you are great ^-^ you're positive, relaxing and encouraging. I welcoming break from all the yelling jock types. Makes me want to exercise.

  4. She won't do same rip both side in each exercise

  5. shaik khusia says:

    Hi, mam i have acidity problem how can i control my problem by yoga please reply me

  6. Bingo! This one got me sweating.. just did it.. lots of love … Keep making videos like these 🤩

  7. Ty Sanela I do this everyday 💜

  8. peka -BOO says:

    finally I did the full ex after 5 days first time lasted 7 min only second was 12 third time was less min the forth my legs hunted so bad I didn't do it and today I did it full

  9. zero says:

    does anyone know how many calories this burns?

  10. Very nice video thank u so much

  11. Shelby Jean says:

    I have done this yesterday, and I tell you, I was sore today 😥 but I pushed through it today. Feeling the burn and feeling great because I have issues with my lower back from Haul Truck Operating. Thanks for the motivation throughout your video 🙏

  12. Saif Sayyad says:

    I Can do this exercise

  13. I will start today. I’m going to do this exercise twice a day for a whole week and I’ll update you guys💙 btw I don’t have a flat stomach

    DAY 1: i did this twice in a row just now! i am sweating so much. i don’t even sweat this much when i walk a mile.

    DAY 2: so i did this work out twice in a row a few hours ago… my hips still hurt. No difference yet! (Obviously) Maybe if I stop looking at my stomach then I will see it.

    DAY 3: like day 1 & 2

    Day 4: the same tbh

    DAY 5: I’m still doing the exercises in this video but there’s no difference than the other days

  14. Thanks a lot adding to this to my routine!! I pray blessings to you and your family!!

  15. Loved this workout ….was sweating by the end and felt good…also loved the ending thanks

  16. Mark scott says:

    My 11 year old mom should workout with you

  17. Can you help in my daily diet plan……. What to eat for flat stomach……

  18. this is my second time in a row doing it and im definitely feeling it this is so fun your voice and the music is so calming and your so positive and fun and your environment is so calming

  19. Mission Lean says:

    What a beautiful place to workout!

  20. Urooj Majid says:

    Really good exercise m new subscriber🏃🏻‍♀️every day follow you mam👍☺️

  21. Marco Deo says:

    thank you Wonder Woman. I feel like floor abdominal workouts put strain on the back. I like standing workouts better. I own a standing Bicycle called a Zike see the Wing Flyer also.

  22. Did it work for you guys cause I’m thinking of doing it

  23. Mandip Kaur says:

    can i do it slowly ..i have back pain n cervical

  24. Love this workout! Thank you for making it easy to get a workout in 😊

  25. What tpye of food….????

  26. What tpye of food….????

  27. Love u ..ur Great…

  28. Tapas Sarkar says:

    After how many hours of taking my breakfast l can do this work out. Please reply

  29. Eunice Love says:

    Thank you very much for this. Love it

  30. Sarah Nehme says:

    great.but how many times can I do it per a week for a good result ?

  31. Mikee says:

    The BS repetitive talk gets very annoying.

  32. Karen Day says:

    I just did this workout for first time and absolutely love it. Love your soothing voice and instruction too!

  33. Thank u so much❤️

  34. Phi Do says:

    Thanks for helping me with this exercise.

  35. Prema Thakur says:

    @PshycheTruth What is the weight of kettlebell which you've used?

  36. Emma Smith says:

    Evo me prezivjela sam od work outa sa tobom. 😃😃😃 veceras je bilo lakse i malo sam produzila. I love it…

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