6 Minute Butt Lift Workout! At home Best Butt Exercises w/ Tiffany

This is quick six minute workout to help tone and lift your butt.
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6 Minute Butt Lift #Workout! At home Best Butt #Exercises w/ Tiffany

This is quick six minute workout to help tone and lift your butt.

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Music by iChill Music Factory
Song: Blue Skies
Album: Silent Partner

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31 Responses

  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Please CLICK THE NOTIFICATION BELL! Our subscribers aren't being shown our videos unless they click the notification bell next to the subscribe button.

  2. Aimee O'neil says:

    Pls pull your legging up girl

  3. Are those workout for burning butt fats or getting glutes grow? Cause I have a flat lower body and want I it to work it. Hope you could help. Thank you.

  4. Edsel Rose says:

    I hope my butt will turn bigger by just watching this vid

  5. Her Leggings could be better.

  6. Lisa Noname says:

    It does not have to be long and complicated when consistency will get the job done.

  7. This video works for me, awesome results.

  8. Why does nothing work for me, no matter what I do nothing hurts and I don’t even have a butt so it can’t be that it’s to easy

  9. shaikha pink says:

    Love the workout but how many repetitions for each leg please

  10. Marina Mori says:

    Thank you. . . I think more upbeat music would be better. This music makes me wanting to sit down and read.

  11. Im using a resistance band, so the longer period between switches was great.

  12. Badal Dayal says:

    You are in perfect shape

  13. Paula Wro says:

    Whole set of exercises – great! But any of them is not enough explained for the person which just follow what you do. It would be great for you to consider more explanation on the exercises you show 🙂 all the moves and squeezes 🙂

  14. 2 day was normal I could feel the burn but I kept in head that I want to do the difference so I kept going with the workout.

  15. 1st Day wasn’t bad I felt a burn but I expected more do I’m happy,I couldn’t see the difference but I felt something’s happening

  16. I just did it and it’s really not that hard if you do that for 2weeks it’s gonna be an amazing result I’m gonna do it and comment here daily to tell you my results

  17. John Doe says:

    Sent this to my wife, wish me luck

  18. Simar Bajwa says:

    Thank u very much

  19. Vanity says:

    I have no problem doing any of this, I don't even feel the burning much, however whenever I do ones pressing on hands it feels like my palms going to snap in half. Do you have any advice how to train hands to adjust to those things better?

  20. Love zone says:

    tell me about reoetations ??

  21. surlydame13 says:

    does this also help thighs, like to help see a thigh gap..?

  22. I learned about workouts thanks to Unflexal Workouts workouts.

  23. It was a nice, focused, butt workout. Thank you!

  24. I am 12 years old and I have done 12 workout videos today

  25. Nastassia C says:

    I only did 4 minutes of this and i stopped. This hurts . I just want a body like the instagram models lol

  26. when i do the glute bridge i feel the pain in my lower back😣Y??

  27. when i do the glute bridge i feel the pain in my lower back😣Y??

  28. how long does it take to see results?

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