Pre & Post Workout Meals + Hamstring ONLY Workout

HOLA beautiful people!! This video goes over my typical pre and post workout meals as well as a HAMSTRING ONLY workout with a detailed voiceover. I hope you enjoy!!

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7 Responses

  1. Just tried the waffles per your recommendation, and now i'm obsessed!!

  2. Molly Tate says:

    Haha Russian hamstring curls! We used them a lot in soccer prehab (but with another human holding your feet down). Can’t wait to try the eccentric ones!

  3. Thanks for the exercise recommendations, I got some really stubborn hamstrings but you’re literally the queen of hamstrings so hopefully they work for me as well!!

  4. Forever thanking you for showing us Van's waffles because I probably would've never given them a try. They are my go to, I like all of the flavors I've tried

  5. BarbieLong says:

    I call your versions assisted Nordic Ham Curls

  6. Denae B says:

    What gym do you go to?

  7. A new vids always a day made! Can’t wait for the podcast 👏🏼👏🏼

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