I Tried Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson's LEG WORKOUT

I tried Dwayne Johnson AKA THE ROCK leg workout plan. I try to train legs like The Rock for a day to see what happens.
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Vlog series which includes tracking my cut / shred and bulking / bulk progress through physique updates, full day of eating / meals and the every day life of Aseel Soueid who is a Type 1 Diabetic living with celiac disease, lactose intolerance as well as being a college student.

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38 Responses

  1. Aseel Soueid says:

    Get Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson’s leg workout plan for FREE, Click Here Now: http://www.aseelsoueid.com/therock

  2. Asaf Shalom says:

    Just take some steroids

  3. Yung KG says:

    Leg day am I right? Lol

  4. Kobe Lewis says:

    CHEAT DAY❗❗❗

  5. Two things u forgot
    1) loud music
    2) saying focus

    U need real balls and guts try this grt one Brother
    Best wishes 💪💪💪💪

  6. Do a "The rocks cardio"

  7. Pure G0J1RA says:

    Liked… but I want both videos!!! Cardio and Cheat

  8. Do more clebertiy diet meal miss those videos

  9. Kill_Ua_God says:

    Aseel out here the legendary "Celebrity workout crusher" lol I could not think of a better name that one wasn't my best. Great video man the is definitely super intense but, no true gainer would have it any other way. Much love brother the Rock is a beast.

  10. Vasu Bansal says:

    When u try yo eat same amount of food on rocks diet then why dont u lift same weight as him

  11. Will you try Creed 2 leg workout? Just like the last one workout

  12. Ethan Becker says:

    Do the rock cardio

  13. The Rock cardio workout!

  14. Talal says:

    Bro why don't you come up with something else, all you do is losing fat videos and copying celebrities plans.

  15. : Gymx says:

    I want to try this workout but at first I need to buy a wheelchair:))

  16. Sick video… When are you doing Chris Hemsworth's workout

  17. i think ya body look weird cus u got no neck length

  18. Juan_ Rwcc says:

    Good vid
    Can u please follow me on instagram @juan_redwood

  19. The Rock should know that Eva Lovia said in an interview she would love to slob on his knob

  20. Sudhir Patil says:

    Awesome dude but I am afraid for next coming 2days of fucking cat walk by the way how do you recover from sore Ness dude to perform upper body workout for next day

  21. I am subscriber from India love you vidioes

  22. Vong Chau says:

    Great workout bro!

  23. Layburn says:

    stop milking the rocks name

  24. Elvis says:

    Looking great man! You just earned yourself a subscriber!

  25. Rene Chavez says:

    Yooo do the Rock’s cheat day it would be badass

  26. JDMusic says:

    One important thing with Rock is that, he doesn't really base his workouts on powerlifts (and maxing out). You don't need to max out on the powerlifts to get big.

  27. You already know I’m doing this!

  28. Amelia C. says:

    He’s so cute 🤗

  29. David Arnold says:

    aye are you a type one diabetic? oh, once again, i didn’t know..

  30. Banta Bus says:

    Love your vids bro keep it up I always find myself watching all your videos when I should be sleeping

  31. Aron Gana says:

    Wait, when did he change the chanel name?

  32. Pls do the cardio workout instead

  33. I've never clicked faster

  34. Soli says:

    Hi I’m a dm type 2 n it is really hard to lose fat! Can u show the Pre bs n post bs with every meal! U are an inspiration! Tu

  35. Make this Blue If You Believe in GOD 🙏😇

    👇🏻 Support me too.

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