Pre & Post Workout Meal for Vegetarians | शाकाहारी लोग जिम से पहले और बाद में क्या खाएं

It is very important to have the right nutrition before and after the workout. The right choice of meals (mainly protein and carbohydrate) give you the energy to perform the exercises as well as repair muscles/tissues which get damaged during a workout.

It is comparatively easier for non-vegetarians to fulfill the requirement, especially for protein. However, with the right quantity and choice of food vegetarians can also fulfill the requirement and there is no need to worry.

The video suggests pre and posts workout meals, especially for vegetarians. The meals are easy to prepare and hence can be consumed by anyone who does not have much time to cook. Watch it till the end to see the tasty and healthy recipes.

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Here’s a Vegetarians diet video for Muscle Building:

Here’s another video for a complete Chest Workout:

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50 Responses

  1. Sameer Padia says:

    Also provide nutritional value. How much calories, protein, fat content

  2. Tumhara Bhai says:

    Itna Jada butter khalunga toh mummy daategi mujhe 😐😐

  3. Rohit Sohal says:

    Sir tricep ki exercise btana sir ji

  4. Sir mai aapke video dekhakr aapka bht bda fan ho gya Sir.. But is way protein se koi side effect to nhi hoge… Isika dar rhta h sir MN me plzzz reply me Sir….

  5. sir app roti ni khate kya

  6. Basit Ulde says:

    Body bulki hai tu cuting kaise lai or. Hum karte waqt kon sa bcaa liye or hum k baad kon sa protin le

  7. AURANG ZAIB says:

    No doubt great kindness

  8. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Very polite very humble and very knowledgeable body builder

  9. Sir diet lene c pimples bhut Ho jate hai
    kyo sir

  10. shashi kumar says:

    Sir potato, it's sweet potato or normal potato need to be used

  11. santosh dey says:

    Any cheap pre workout

  12. Adil Ahmed says:

    Can we consume fats in the form of dry fruits as a pre workout… please suggest…

  13. Sir muscle loss ke upar bhi video btaie kese hoti kis kis cheez se kyu hoti h

  14. Thanks bhiya u r God father in body building

  15. SURAJ SAINI says:

    Very good 💪🏻❤💪🏻😍👌

  16. Fat loss ke samay kya lena chahiye pre or post me

  17. imran khan says:

    bhai ap dawa konse khate ho wo bhi batao

  18. Sir fat loss diet banao

  19. Kush Sharma says:

    Sir g digestive system hadse Zyada slow hogya kya Kru
    Pls tell me

  20. Nonveg vaala this & non veg ghayegatho kuch problem he kya ?

  21. Please make video on low budget diet and supplements for special for students

  22. Thank you sir love u

  23. mohit gupta says:

    Can we take a boil potatoe befor workout

  24. mohit gupta says:

    Sir whey protein ke baad egg ya sandwich mai se koi ek cheez khana hai kyaa???

  25. all about 78 says:

    Sir agar do no ko sath me khae isse koi problem to nahi hai

  26. Jatt N Jaat says:

    Is that Lean Food ?
    Muscle gain food?

  27. Sundrop peanut butter is unhealthy 👎👎👎👎

  28. Aruna Shakya says:

    Sir kya hum creatine monohydrate workout k bad protein k sath lay sakte sath me mix kr k

  29. Md Arif says:

    Sir please give me triceps workout

  30. Deepu Hans says:

    Sir' 1 video banado lower chest fat

  31. Hi sir,. I have seen all video, and I learn how to build muscle
    I will participate in compition in November. I need your help, can you please send me Workout and diet plan. So I will follow this. My cell no 8805775763 and my Gmail id is

  32. Next on secret of building abs

  33. Harman Sidhu says:

    Hlo sir please tell me after workout can I eat eggs with whey protine

  34. Ram Fitness says:

    Not understand Hindi speak in English

  35. Devang Rana says:

    Which supplements brands you used most?

  36. Thanks sir ,
    I think you should also explain nutritional value of each food stuf .
    Why should we use L-Glutamine .

  37. GAMING BUDDY says:

    Bro you have good arms and healthy body therefore you should try for Olympia
    Please take it into concern❤❤

  38. Yogesh sain says:

    Nice video sir…..💪💪💪💪

  39. Ashish Yadav says:

    Thnku so much sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌♥️❤️♥️

  40. Ashish jain says:

    Brother plz suggest low body fat diet without lossing muscles for vegeterian…

  41. mohit barot says:

    respect sir, but peanut butter you are using has harmfull things in it, also, bananas are artificially ripened by carbide

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