DAY IN MY LIFE | Meal prepping, Workout, Hair appt, & more!

Hey fam! Hope you enjoy this video. I have some fun meal prepping, hair appointment, full workout, behind the scenes at the office, and other daily randomness. 😛 PS THERE IS A GIVEAWAY AT THE END!

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36 Responses

  1. My favorite part of the video is watching you meal prep!! Love you and your channel!!❤️

  2. Definitely doing this workout today! Your videos give me so much motivation for the gym

  3. Smile_Berna says:

    Yes Heidi we would love to see a swimsuit haul

    Always love your videos 💞

  4. Ines DeLude says:

    my favorite part of the video was when you were ordering at starbucks 😂 that’s really how people order drinks and it’s insane. also when you gave us meal prep ideas! love you heidi ❤️

  5. My favorite part is the full body workout! I’ve been trying to incorporate more full body workouts into my schedule😄

  6. kylie mihld says:

    I love the meal prep videos! Super helpful 🙂 I always enjoy the full workouts as well 🙂

  7. Love your meal prepping/day in the life vids.I put together some of the same foods and your videos always inspire me to spice up some of my recipes 🤗 also love your brighter blonde! 💖

  8. Thank you for doing the full body workout! Live it!!! Can’t wait for that game changer bag!!!

  9. Haley Brown says:

    Can't decide if my fav part is that blonde hair or the way you say Nissan Altima hahaha. Would love an updated supplements video, also an updated skincare vid!!

  10. I am definitely trying that all body work out! And I cannot wait to see a bikini haul!! 👙💚

  11. Love you girl! Omg the shots of you getting your hair done were gorgeous! Whenever I’m sitting in the hair chair I look like a wet dog 🐶 You looked so gorge and glam! 💕

  12. Loved the full body workout, I’m always looking for new workouts to do!! 💛

  13. Abi Wright says:

    My favorite part of the video was the workout! I definitely want to give this one a try! 😁

  14. Abi Wright says:

    How do you not look super sweaty after that workout? 😂

  15. Hair montage is life …..

  16. Loved the meal prep and the outdoor workout ❤️ thanks Heidi!

  17. Love seeing your workouts!! Cant wait until your booty band is available to order!!!!

  18. You should have your own swimsuit line!

  19. Maeve OL says:

    the outdoor gym looks unreal! what's the steep green hill thing for?

  20. Alexa Azizi says:

    Fav part was the underbutt side curtsy lunges because ya girl needs to work on it!!!

  21. Great video I like the meal prep of the video and would love to see a swim suit try on

  22. Taylor Hill says:

    The shorts you tried on were adorable!

  23. Love how informative your vlogs are… definitely keep hiring help cause I would love to see more content from you! And yes on the bathing suit haul!!

  24. I loved the meal prep part! I hope to win 🤞🏼

  25. 1329melissa says:

    Love your hair!!! Girl i need to know who your hair stylist is cuz im having the hardest time finding one…have a great day, god bless❤🙏

  26. Definitely want to try that workout! Looked awesome.

  27. I’m with you I can’t do the grow out look I badly need my blonde esp around my face!!

  28. I agree having the workout description below makes it easier bbbuuuttt over all def going to use this here soon

  29. Why don’t you wash 🧼 your chicken 🐔 before prep

  30. hannah chudy says:

    hahah I think my fav part was when you roasted your friends about their starbucks drink!! VERY RELATABLE

  31. C S says:

    Can someone please tell me the name of the company she says her swimsuits are from? Always looking for good suits, but can't understand what she says…

  32. My favorite part of the video was when you were ordering at Starbucks and naming all the crazy orders your friends do 😂😂 also the texts with your friends about the disco ball!!!

  33. I loved seeing your workout that you did outside ! I’m happy it can also be done at home which I really love!

  34. Definitely Kayla saying this dress looks like the emoji! 💃

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