Try the total-body workout where every move is synced to a beat. This 20-minute demo is just a preview of what you’ll experience in a 60-minute live class. Think you have what it takes? Find a class in your area at

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40 Responses

  1. How many calories you burn with this exercise? Please answer me..

  2. Lea Mengote says:

    Thanks today I manage to finish

  3. I do this workout every day its really helpful so thank you so much, great work!

  4. I hated those "active recoveries". Especially when she said it while kicking the sh*t out of the air. 😂😂

  5. Hafni Fatini says:

    It's a really intense cardio. It burns everything alright 😌 I missed a couple of moves coz my knee can't cooperate that much but i did it till the very end, enough to get those fat burning. Tq

  6. I want more videos like this please!!! The others you have are short!

  7. Cleane Brito says:

    Amei vou treinar em casa só assim vou sair do sedentarismo 😊😍

  8. Lip Nati says:

    Vamos la
    Lets go

  9. Dodo Yoyo says:

    I don't what if it will be so weird but one of my dreams to be zumba instructor like her sorry for my english writing

  10. great workout, what is the name of the cooling down song in the end?

  11. Mi I says:

    Please what's the music name🥺🥺🥺 really so good

  12. Girl Wolfie says:

    Today's my 2nd day doing this, I vomited yesterday but I felt light…I'm 16 n overweight…Many ppl make fun of me behind my back but now I'm done… I'm gonna continue. All of u guys don't lose hope, u got this…Good luck to all of u! I want all of us to do this together n show others tht we Can!

  13. I only managed 7 mins today but my goal is to complete the whole workout.

  14. Recently purchased this. And damn!! Even the modification version is a killer💪💦just finished 30 min outta the 60 min workout. Definitely worth it❤💙

  15. Love Life says:

    The music is very nice …thanks for the video ..god bless you 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  16. MUV says:

    please upload more full videos

  17. Love how she said this is active recovery!! I was not in recovery- more like recovery position because I've passed out!😂

  18. Steven Luo says:

    Where can I download that song without vocal?

  19. Emna Aouina says:

    Hello. I adored this workout. I loved the results. So happy with it. But I am wondering: is there any body who knows the name of the sound track in the begginning of this workout ?? I reallyyyyyyy need to know it please help me.
    Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

  20. Same with body creative…😂

  21. Leena says:

    This is great but i feel like someone grabbed my heart and threw it out of my chest

  22. LONG CASTER says:

    stop putting ads pls

  23. Wow a real copy cat of Billy Blanks Taebo workout.whole concept and techniques are of TAEBO and names STRONG BY JUMBA ……great

  24. Didi Dodi says:

    I saw the teacher in sugar fitness.. she was more fat.. now she Looks slimmer and I think her body machtes with this workout.. in my case I need weight… I'm very slim. I will dessapear with all that jumps and cardio full.

  25. This is sooo awesome!!!💕

  26. Yo yo Yo yo says:

    How many calories can I lose with these workouts?

  27. Razu Hasan says:

    This is so awesome to watch but when you doing it's made u die 👌

  28. Tina Marpuri says:

    Where I can get a copy of your music?

  29. Watching this is so fun, the beat is lit…

  30. Very Very hard to catch !!!

  31. Veera Nigam says:

    This music really helps

  32. Angela Suazo says:

    Excelente lo mejor que he visto me encantó

  33. I watch at the end so i can do name is joanna my name is Zevianna

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