Hypothyroidism Workout Routine | Exercises to Give You Energy

Hey girls! If you’ve seen my last few hypothyroidism videos you know the struggle is real, but beyond food, there are workouts that will totally help reduce your symptoms. I’m sharing my hypothyroidism workout routine with modifications for when you’re just starting out or for the days your fatigue is just too much. Also sharing the medications and supplements I take to help the symptoms and reduce fatigue so I can #BeGoodInside

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43 Responses

  1. Do you struggle w/ Hypo or think you might? Drop a comment 🙂

  2. Rachel Teal says:

    Got diagnosed 3 years ago and still not sorted. Waiting to see an endocrinologist to find out if I’ve got hashimotos. I love learning from others with the same issues, especially successful women like you. Gives me hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel ❤️

  3. Getting rid of candida and topping up with kefir bacteria is THE best thing to do as well as detoxing the liver and cut out gluten. Also getting a good sleep plays a major role. My partner has it I’m helping her to heal from it but she doesn’t take all my advice and thinks I’m being controlling because I ask her it’s best she cuts out gluten and don’t over do exercise at the gym. She pushes herself too hard to lose weight and it just causes more water retention and exhaustion plus her speech becomes slurred🙁 it’s soo hard because I love her to bits and wish to see her well. I just wish she would follow the advice fully as she makes so many mistakes. I think she would listen more to a female someone other than me.

  4. I was diagnosed back in March with Hashimoto’s and trying to get into the swing of things have been super hard!

  5. Justine says:

    When do you take you probiteca? Same time with you thyroid medication?

  6. Hi ily so much you are so positive thank you so much for all your hacks and inspiration

  7. No subtitles on this so no good to me…. 🙁

  8. Emily Wolfe says:

    would you make a diet and exercise program specifically for hypothyroidism? Do you know of any that already exist??

  9. Grumpy Cat says:

    Omg, it makes sense now why i get so many yeast infection, i thought it was part of it moving to Fl from a northern cold state…

  10. How many reps of each move? Love your videos. Thank you for making this

  11. neverendrs says:

    I was just diagnosed with hashimoto's and it's been such a relief! I originally went just for strange menstrual bleeding and didnt realize my other symptoms were tied, and I'm so glad to have you as a resource as I change my lifestyle

  12. hlb0111 says:

    I have Hashis. I looked at Culterelle's ingredient label and I'm concerned that they don't have very many strains.

  13. Jess Bagnall says:

    I've had hypothyroidism for three years now and still can't get past the fatigue, I have celiac and lactose intolerance too so I need to try these. I do feel better after moving in general but it pushing myself to do it that's the hard part.

  14. How many hours per day do you recommend to work out? I'm currently doing 40 min cardio and 20 min full body work out, but not sure if this is too much or just barely. I have been noticing a difference in my body, which is great, but sometimes I wish I can decrease the amount of time I spend working out per/day. Many thanks, love your videos.

  15. Lolipop Gitu says:

    I do all this workouts but the last one not yet but it looks good ♥♥♥

  16. Monkee Girl says:

    I just found your channel! I've struggled with hypothyroidism since I was 18 and I'll be 27 in April. It has taken 5yrs to finally figure out my right dosage of levothyroxine. I struggle so much with finding the right stuff to eat because I love my sweets. Finding motivation to work out is a serious struggle too, especially with how much I work. Thank you so much for these videos!! ❤

  17. I just found you yesterday!! these videos about hypothyroidism are amazing! I am literally waiting to get my blood done as I have all the symptoms you speak ! I.have been trying to work out what was wrong for months !!! thank you xx please do more!

  18. I am 13 and I found out I had hypothyroidism when I was 10. Thank you so much for making this video! It is helping me. I am always trying to find different ways to workout and it work. My medicine changed a lot too.

  19. Hi Katie, I recently joined #teamLSF with the sleigh challenge. I’m going back through your old videos 💕. Question – I know you take 2 medications for hypothyroidism, what do they each do? In Australia we only really have one (thyroxine) and although I feel better, I still feel rubbish!

  20. i was diagnosed in oc w tsh levels of 4.75. its now december my updated tsh level is at 2.22. my pcp told me i need to be on these medications for life. ive been eating clean and everything lately, i hate that im on any medication and want to just try to maintain my thyroid functioning through diet and exercise but i also dont want to risk my thyroid going crazy again and developing a thyroid cancer. idk what to do 😭

  21. Hiya please help me because I got thyroid health issue and I put a loads of weight and doctors didn't me tablets for 8months and put loads of weight on so I really really like ur help xxx

  22. Jasmin Mcnll says:

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year but I’ve had it since I was 6. I was gaining so much weight and I was soooo unhappy these vids helped me out a lot❤️

  23. Tory Jane says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled across these videos! I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism back in July, but mine is kind of weird. I started testing in February, and did blood tests every two-three months before officially being diagnosed because my doctor really wanted to make sure. My T3 and T4 always tested normal, but my TSH was what was way off. So finally I started medicine and I have a lot more energy, but still trying to find motivation to work out. And I still don’t feel the best. In 2013 I was diagnosed with IBS with chronic constipation so now that I have hypo, my gastro is trying to find a way to balance out the medicines I have to take because he thinks they are related! I’m glad I’m finally getting and answers and I hope these workouts can really get me started at living a healthier lifestyle!

  24. If you can please do more eating routines and workouts for hypothyroidism I just got diagnosed and I have No clue what I need to do and I'm kinda lost I will be really happy to know more

  25. I had a thyroidectomy and gained a bunch of weight over a four year period. I am not eating EXTREMELY CLEAN and tracking fats, protein, and carbs. I am on T4 and T3 was added a few weeks ago due to the large amount of weight gain. I am on the right track. My issue is I started working out and have the drive to do it daily but I get extreme pain after just walking for 45-60 mins. Did you have this issue?

  26. Shelo Danlag says:

    I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few months back. Already had thyroidectomy and had RAI recently. The struggle is real. Im trying to have a balanced diet and exercise to help me manage my weight. But its hard. I get tired easily, stil feel bloated. Plus the muscle and joint pains dont help at all!
    Im so glad that you made videos specific for hypo. Love the diet and exercise tips! And Its good to hear experiences and tips from someone going thru the same thing. Thank you! Keep it up girl. 😉 Looking forward to getting more tips from you!

  27. I'm trying to exercise but I'm so shot after I do. I am debilitated for days. And the bloated feeling is overwhelming.

  28. I was eleven when I was told I have hypothyroidism and I’m 13 and I don’t have any of the things that I need to help me I don’t have any meds but I’m doing great bc I out myself on a diet even though I still have problems this helps

  29. I struggle with fibro and thyroid problems too. I’m so glad I found you. I always have 0 energy to work out. I also work an hour away from my house so when I get off around 5 I really don’t feel like working out then driving home late. And then on my days off I’m so tired and don’t want to do anything except lay down and sleep. What all over the counter meds do you take for your health ? Thanks

  30. Thank you so much for these videos, I’ve had hypothyroidism for 6 years after I had half of my thyroid removed. I’ve been on medication all that time and no one has ever advised me about when I should take my meds or what I should be eating! It’s so great to know that I’m not the only person struggling with it xx

  31. I have an underactive thyroid and have had a hard time losing weight suffer with most of the symptoms all the time 😩😩

  32. I struggle alot with it and im finally taking more steps to help. Thank you.

  33. rachel estep says:

    I was diagnosed with hypo a week ago.

  34. I struggle with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and tried these moves just now (totally stuck with the modified versions) and phew! It can get your heart rate up for sure. This video (along with your other hypo vids) helped a lot and gave me hope about the healthier lifestyle I'm trying to start. Thank you for all of the info you provide! There's not very many people that talk about hypothyroidism in such an approachable way. Thank you!!

  35. Erin Monahan says:

    Do you do personal email
    Advice or personal meal plans for hashimotos ? I’ve been working out w a trainer for 7 weeks and eating a strict diet and haven’t lost a lb actually lost muscle and gained a percent of body fat. I’m very frustrated, I take probiotics, vitamins, etc. it’s a very scary thing to try so hard and keep failing :/

  36. Sally Dot says:

    Hey! Thanks for these videos! I was wondering if you ever struggled with hair loss while to were balancing your thyroid? I currently am and am wondering when the loss will slow down. BTW I am taking iodine my holistic doc said I would see results around four weeks. Thanks to anyone who answers 🙂

  37. 03raquelita says:

    I just want to say thank you for the hypothyroidism related videos. I was diagnosed in July '17 and I've gained 15 pounds since. I try to eat healthy, I don't drink soda, juices or alcohol, always pack my lunch and it's STILL A STRUGGLE.Sometimes I lose weight but I'm still as bloated. I'm going to really try what's working for you and see where it takes me… Thanks again. <3

  38. I suffer from hypothyroidism as well, and the tips you've mentioned in the video is super helpful! Especially with the probiotic and food recommendation 🙂 sorry maybe I missed it in the comment, but could you specify how many reps for each exercise? Thank you!

  39. E Antonsen says:

    Oh my god, you totally have saved my life! I’ve got hypo and I sure have been struggling with it. I love your videos, thanks to them I realized that I needed to change my medications as well as my food habits. And when my new doctor added t3 to the t4 everything changed! Please keep on making these videos! 🌸💕

  40. fuscia says:

    Thank you for being so candid and sharing your story. I can identify with so much of it. My body basically turned on me with the onset of my first period. It’s been such a struggle

  41. Lori Weaver says:

    Thank you for these videos. I have hypothyroidism and struggle with weight gain. I was wondering if you experience joint pain? I have severe joint pain, and some days I can barely move. I know its a symptom of hypothyroidism.

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